Guarantee Funds of Energy Efficiency

Within the framework of the Energy Efficiency Project in the Industrial Sector financed by the FEM through the World Bank, l’Agence National pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ANME) has entrusted the management of the GFEE to SOTUGAR. The GFEE is intended to guarantee loans granted by the credit institutions to the Industrial Enterprises or the Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to finance the Energy Efficiency measures.

1- Eligible enterprises for  the GFEE: Are eligible for guarantee of the GFEE, medium and large industrial enterprises who meet the following criteria:

  • Operating in the industrial sector for at least two years,
  • Wishing to realize Energy Efficiency measures with the use of ESCOs and whose total cost is higher or equal to fifty thousand dollars, and for whose investment time of return is lower or equal to three years

2- Forms and methods of the intervention of  the GFEE:

  • Refinancing of the half and taking in charge the treasury interests of the other half of principal unpaid amounts of the accepted loans to the guaranty in accordance with  the distribution of support of the irrecoverable amounts of the credits between the GFEE and the credit institution, starting from the beginning of judicial procedures against the beneficiary of the credit,
  • Taking in charge 75% of the irrecoverable amounts of the credits and of expenses of pursuit and collect disputed loans. The compensation of the final loss will happen at the latest three years starting from the date of the refinancing (payment of the advance).