Thanks to its financial partnerships with financial partners, SOTUGAR has succeeded to gain the confidence of several notorious partners both on national (financial partners: Banks, Leasing companies and SICAR, Support Organisms and Ministries) and international scales (the European Commission, the World Bank and Agence Française de Développement).

Based on the fact that the economic and social development is strongly concentrated in the good development of our SMEs, the SOTUGAR‘s Guarantee allows for:

– Companies (SME):

  • To ensure a permanent financing of SMEs,
  • To ensure the access to financings according to economic qualities,
  • To support Creation, Development, Innovation and Energy Saving,
  • To support upgrading and to reinforce the competitiveness of SME.

– Financial Partners:

  • To lower the credit or shareholdings cost by reducing the risk,
  • To enlarge the intervention capacity of the intervening Financial Institution and increase its profitability,
  • To allow the intervention in some operations of strong uncertainty, while the credibility of the project is based on a proven competence and a real implication of the promoter and that the project is of real economic interest,
  • Provide incentives to Credit Institution to be less risk averse basing their lending decisions on the project investment merits, market opportunities…