Guarantee Fund for Young Creators (FGJC)

Within the framework of the agreement for the concerted management of migration
and solidarity development between the Tunisian Republic and the French Republic,
the French Development Agency (AFD) entrusted the management of the FGJC to
SOTUGAR, the FGJC is intended to guarantee medium and long-term loans granted
to young first-time creators and business buyers in the sector of manufacturing
industries and services linked to industry.
1- Activities eligible for the guarantee:
 Activities of the manufacturing industries annexed to the decree n ° 94-
492 of February 28, 1994, fixing the lists of the activities pertaining to
the sectors envisaged by articles 1,2,3 and 27 of the code of incentives
to investments as modified and supplemented by subsequent texts,
 Industry related service activities.
2- Size of the investments concerned:
Can benefit from the interventions of the FGJC creation projects promoted by
young first-time creators in the sector of manufacturing industries and services
related to industry and whose investment cost does not exceed 300 thousand
3- Credits eligible for the guarantee: Medium and long term credits.
4- Forms and methods of intervention of the FGJC:
 Refinancing of half and assumption of the cash interest of the other half
of the principal unpaid amounts of credits accepted in the guarantee in
accordance with the distribution of assumption of uncollectible amounts
of credits between the FGJC and the bank, and this , upon initiation of
legal proceedings against the beneficiary of the credit.
 Support for 75% of uncollectible loan amounts,
 Assumption of 50% of the costs of legal proceedings and debt recovery.