The promoted services within the scattering, services related to environment, leisure projects. (See details)

SOTUGAR guarantees projects of creation whose investment cost does not exceed 5 MD (including the working capital) and the projects of extension whose investment cost does not exceed 5 MD (including the fixed assets) (SME financial restructuring, energy efficiency); (Credit Guarantee SystemGuarantee Mechanism of Financial StrengtheningGuarantee Funds of Energy EfficiencyGuarantee Funds of Credit Export)

You first have to go to our financial partner (Bank, Leasing company, SICAR) to present your project, the type of funding (credit or shareholding) requested. Our financial partner will then ask SOTUGAR for guarantee.

SOTUGAR grants neither loan nor subsidy. It guarantees the loans granted by the Banks and the Leasing companies to SME and the shareholdings of the SICAR, the FCPR, FA in their capital.