SME Guarantee Fund II (FGPME II)

This SME Guarantee Fund II is established by article 3 of the law N ° 2015-30 of August 18, 2015 on the complementary finance law 2015 is intended to guarantee short, medium and long term credits granted by the banks the companies leasing and equity investments granted by Sicar to companies operating in sectors other than manufacturing industries and services related to manufacturing industries and not covered by a guarantee mechanism.

The beneficiary company must not be classified or subject to procedures under Law 95-34 of 17 April 1995 on the recovery of companies in economic difficulties.

1- Activities eligible for the guarantee:

All activities except hospitality, financial services, trade and housing development,
Activities promoted by new promoters,
Activities eligible for RITI.

2- Size of investments concerned:

The investments made by small and medium-sized industrial and service companies in one of the above-mentioned activities may benefit from FGPME II interventions, including:

the investment cost does not exceed 10 million dinars including working capital for creative projects,
the overall investment cost including net fixed assets does not exceed 10 million dinars for expansion projects.
the cost of the investment does not exceed 500 thousand dinars for projects eligible for RITI.

3- Competitions eligible for the guarantee: credits and Participations

Short, medium and long-term loans and dividends for which a guarantee application was requested during the period from 1 July 2015 to 31 December 2016.

4- Forms and modalities of intervention of the FGPME II:

Refinancing of one-half and assumption of the cash interest of the other half of the outstanding amounts in principal of the credits accepted in the guarantee in accordance with the breakdown of assumption of the irrecoverable amounts of credits between the FGPME II and the bank, and this, from the beginning of a legal proceeding against the beneficiary of the credit.
Assumption of 60% or 75% of the irrecoverable amounts of the credits or the participations and 50% or 75% of the costs of prosecution and recovery litigation credits.